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Rebar Tie Wire Direct provides exceptional quality, affordability and speed of turnaround. We are your trusted resource for rebar, rebar tie wire and wire ties (double loop ties). Restricting our selection allows us to focus on superior durability, longevity and integrity of materials. With outstanding flexibility and corrosion resistance, our products are often found in everyday and essential applications, including reinforcing rebar in bridges and concrete buildings, applied to bundling products such as lumber and PVC tubes and supporting backyard garden plants.

Strong and Reliable Rebar Rods

Rebar is a crucial structural element behind any proper concrete installation. Count on our products to outlast the job and come in under budget. We source high quality and cost-efficient raw material and pass those savings on to our customers. Don't skimp on the most important element of your next pour: the rebar network beneath the surface. Slabs, bridges, block walls, and more: The finest concrete work is always set atop sturdy steel rebar.

Certified Domestic Tie Wire

Rebar tie wire is sold by the coil and available in black annealed, PVC coated and stainless steel to accommodate the specific demands of your project. Constructed from the softest low carbon annealed steel wire, the high tensile strength, anti-rust properties and weather-resistance significantly decreases repair and maintenance requirements while extending service life. We offer both certified domestic and imported variations.

American-Made Rebar Wire Ties

Wire ties are sold by the bag, available in black annealed, PVC coated, stainless steel and galvanized options. The variety of lengths, from as small as 4” up to 38”, caters to your unique needs. The pliability of soft annealed wire makes for easy twisting and speed of completion without sacrificing strength. You’ll find them wonderfully affordable and nearly impossible to break. Available as certified domestic for government contracts or imported for cost savings.