Based in Florida, Rebar Tie Wire Direct represents quality. From strenuously-vetted products to prompt fulfillment of orders, we exemplify excellence at every step of service. While we offer building materials primarily intended for holding rebar in position, our rebar tie wire and wire ties accommodate efficiency, durability and versatility across a wide range of applications. From securing scaffolding and meeting safety codes to supporting garden plants, everyone appreciates the benefits of pliability and workability of wire that won’t corrode or rust.

Domestic-Certified Metals

At Rebar Tie Wire Direct, we take advantage of domestic suppliers if at all possible. If you’re restricted to domestic certified wire, contact us to access our complete spectrum of USA-made products. Make sure to choose those options listed with “USA” as the origin. We fulfill the needs of the hobbyist as well as large-scale industrial operations. For orders above $5,000, we can bid out the shipping to freight companies for additional savings. We encourage you to inquire for pricing on larger orders. Rebar Tie Wire Direct ships nationwide, makes your job easier and trims your costs without compromise.



Our rebar is sturdy steel, meant to be tied together with your choice of wire ties or cut tie wire. We recommend using rebar caps and chairs for safety and stability, plus ensuring every member of your crew is using proper protective equipment. Rebar provides exceptional strength when used within concrete pours.

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Rebar Wire Ties

Double loop ties are a versatile material used in everything from tying rebar to grocery bags. If you need a certain material or length that isn’t available on our website, please feel free to send us a request. We will be more than happy to accommodate you if your request can be manufactured using the materials and machinery we have onsite.

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Tie Wire Coils

We offer a variety of finishes on our coils of tie wire and our customers often use the wire for applications other than tying rebar. If you have a special project or need a customized product (such as straightened cut wire), feel free to contact us for a quote.

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