14-Gauge Black Annealed Double Loop Wire Ties


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Product Description
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.08 inches
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Metric): 2.032 mm

Made in USA 14-Gauge Black Annealed Double Loop Wire Ties

We are proud to offer our 14-Gauge Black Annealed Double Loop Wire Ties in certified domestic (Made in USA) varieties. If your project calls for American-made 14 gauge bar wire, these ties carry sufficient certification to meet Infastructure Bill and Buy America Act (BAA) requirements. Please be sure to select one of our many sizes that include "(USA)" in the title:

  • 14 gauge 10 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 11 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 12 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 14 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 16 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 18 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2000]
  • 14 gauge 20 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2000]
  • 14 gauge 22 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2000]
  • 14 gauge 24 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2000]
  • 14 gauge 5 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 5.5 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 6 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 6.5 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 7 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 7.5 inch (USA) [Quantity: 5000]
  • 14 gauge 8 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 8.5 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]
  • 14 gauge 9 inch (USA) [Quantity: 2500]

Our 14-gauge black annealed double loop wire ties are sold by the bag, available in a wide range of lengths, from 5″ to 24″. The larger ties come in bags of 2000, medium lengths include 2500, and small tie bags contain 5000 individual black steel wire ties. When you select a size above, you will see the quantity included in your purchase.

Bulk Discount 14GA Rebar Wire Ties

Our black annealed product line is known for delivering an incredible value. Each tie is produced to a consistent thickness and strength, but maintains plenty of flexibility to wrap around rebar and create a tight fit. For general concrete forming, black annealed is by far the most popular choice of our contractors across the nation.

Ordering Wire Ties Online

We ship nationwide and stock our raw materials in the US, minimizing the turnaround time before your wire ties arrive at the job site. Our ties are custom-made at the time of order so we can handle any quantity you need, from a single back to a full truckload – or more! If you intend to purchase more than $5000 of the 14G ties, feel free to contact us for a custom quote. When the order weight exceeds the limitations of what UPS handlers can carry, we bid out the logistics to our freight partners. If your facility has a forklift and can accept wire ties by the pallet, we can typically offer an even more competitive shipping price versus shipping it in a truck that has a portable forklift.