16-Gauge Galvanized Double Loop Wire Ties


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Product Description
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.063 inches
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Metric): 1.588 mm

Our 16-gauge galvanized wire ties are sold by the bag, available from 3-inch to 36-inch lengths. Each bag contains 2000, 2500 or 5000 galvanized double loop wire ties. Gauge: 16.

Premium 16GA Galvanized Bar Ties

This product is a bulk back (2000, 2500 or 5000) of high-quality, easily-pliable galvanized steel rebar ties. The wire we use is of high quality, soft, and stretched to a consistent thickness of 0.062″ (or 1.5748mm). You can select your preferred length out of the available options.

Using Double Loop Rebar Wire Ties in Sixteen Gauge

Our typical client is a professional builder or concrete contractor who uses these ties to hold together a rebar grid, but we also frequently sell 16-gauge wire ties to DIYers and professionals in other industries who simply need a reliable fastening mechanism. Galvanized steel has a protective zinc coating that makes it extremely durable to weather and perfect for outdoor applications (including within concrete pours, of course). Count on these galvanized ties to maintain their strength in even the toughest of conditions!

Ordering 16-Gauge Galvanized Wire Ties

Orders of wire ties come shipped in a plastic mailer. We package them in groups of 2500 or 5000 individual ties depending on length. If you purchase galvanized ties that are 16″ or longer, your packs each contain 2500 ties. 30″ and above come with 2000 ties per pack. Smaller sizes all come standard with 5000 wire ties per package. We split them up in this way due to their weight. Our galvanized steel is quite heavy and each unit needs to conform to UPS package standards. If you’d like to place a bulk order that exceeds UPS shipping weights, feel free to use our standard checkout and select “Freight Truck – Shipping Price to Be Determined.” Our team will contact you with a freight quote for your order.

High Quality Zinc Coating: The Standard in Galvanized Steel

Our galvanized wire ties all adhere to strict quality standards and are always checked before leaving the facility. You’ll find that there is almost no variation between ties, even if you order them years apart. We constantly monitor the manufacturing process and discard any wire that appears substandard. Our goal is to provide galvanized products that meet the demand of the toughest environments and hold up for the most important of projects. We are committed to making your jobs successful!