16-Gauge Stainless Steel Rebar Tie Wire


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Product Description
  • Approx. Length of 1lb Coil (Imperial): 95.98 feet
  • Approx. Length of 1lb Coil (Metric): 29.25 meters
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Imperial): 335.93 feet
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Metric): 102.39 meters
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Imperial): 479.9 feet
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Metric): 146.27 meters
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.063 inches
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Metric): 1.588 mm

Made in USA 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Rebar Tie Wire Available

Looking for for domestically sourced 16 gauge bar wire? We proudly offer certified domestic (Made in USA) options for our 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Rebar Tie Wire product line. If you need to comply with the Infastructure Bill and Buy America Act standards (or just prefer to buy American-made), select one of the following sizes above:

  • 1 lb Coil (USA) [304 Grade] [Quantity: 1]
  • 3.5 lb Coil (USA) [304 Grade] [Quantity: 1]
  • 5 lb Coil (USA) [304 Grade] [Quantity: 1]
  • 3.5 lb Coil (USA) [316 Grade] [Quantity: 1]
  • 5 lb Coil (USA) [316 Grade] [Quantity: 1]

Stainless Steel Tie Wire: 16GA

Our 16-gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire is sold by the box, available in 1, 3.5 and 5 pound sizes. See above specs for approximate length by coil size. Each coil contains high quality stainless steel tie wire that will hold up in tough conditions. Our customers love using it for rebar grids in coastal areas or for projects that require a wire that will stay visible. Stainless steel has a visually appealing shine to it that works well as a closure for bags, sacks, and other fabrics. This product is often used by the agricultural industry to hold up trees, plants, and vines.

304 Grade 16-Gauge Stainless Tie Wire

304 Grade stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, especially in coastal environments. You can rely on our SS wires to provide durability and resist staining from rust. While primarily used for concrete jobs in bridges, we also hear from customers that our stainless steel wire is a great fit as a fastener for drainage and irrigation projects. If you need to tie pipes together or fasten anything in a weather-prone environment, stainless steel tie wire is a great choice.

316 Grade Stainless Steel

This product comes standard in 304 grade but is also available as 316 grade in certain sizes where noted. If you require 316SS, select a size that includes “[316 Grade]” in the name. Type 316 is known for its extreme durability, even when used in concrete that will be submerged under water and in coastal climates.

Pliability and Value of Stainless Steel Forming Wire

304 Stainless steel is a soft metal that is easy to bend or twist, but stays strong for an impressively long time once tightly fastened. It is more costly than other types of metals but always worth the upgrade if your budget will support it! As a Florida-based company, we supply a lot of clients who are in close proximity to saltwater and need more durability than typical steel wire.