18-Gauge Galvanized Rebar Tie Wire


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Product Description
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Imperial): 581.7 feet
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Metric): 177.3 meters
  • Approx. Length of 50lb Coil (Imperial): 8,310 feet
  • Approx. Length of 50lb Coil (Metric): 2,533 meters
  • Approx. Length of 100lb Coil (Imperial): 16,620 feet
  • Approx. Length of 100lb Coil (Metric): 5,066 meters
  • Diameter of 18-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.048 inches
  • Diameter of 18-Gauge Wire (Metric): 1.207 mm

Our 18-gauge galvanized rebar tie wire is sold by the box, with each box containing a twenty 3.5lb tie wire coils, one 50lb coil, or one 100lb coil. Gauge: 18. Please select your size and quantity above to see an updated price for your desired volume of galvanized 18-gauge wire.

Reliable 18 Gauge Wire, Made Weather Resistant by Galvanization with Zinc

Zinc coating this pliable wire adds to durability and resistance to the elements that will be present on outdoor job sites. Our galvanized 18-gauge wire is a favorite among concrete contractors for it’s even trade-off between strength and flexibility. Eighteen gauge wire comes in at 0.0475 in diameter.

Eighteen Gauge Galvanized Tie Wire

If you’re looking for an easy-to-work-with soft wire that will hold up, look no further! 18GA is a great product, especially if you have flexibility in job specs or are testing out an alternative use for your wire outside the conventional rebar tying application. 3.5lb coils are relatively inexpensive and loved among hobbyists, mechanics, and DIYers as well as our professional concrete contractors.