19-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire


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Product Description
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Imperial): 780.5 feet
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Metric): 237.9 meters
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Imperial): 1115 feet
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Metric): 339.85 meters
  • Diameter of 19-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.041 inches
  • Diameter of 19-Gauge Wire (Metric): 1.041 mm

Made in USA 19-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire Available

Looking for American-made tie wire? Our USA-origin 19-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire product is certified to meet Buy America Act (BAA) and Infastructure Bill requirements. This means the 19 gauge wire you are purchasing was manufactured in an American factory and qualifies as certified domestic material for government-funded projects.

Nineteen Gauge Steel Forming Wire

Our 19-gauge annealed tie wire is sold by the box, available in 3.5 pound and 5 pound coils, both of which are made in the USA. 19GA is on the thinner side of standard rebar tie wire, loved for its added flexibility without sacrificing much strength vs thicker gauges. Coming in at a consistent 0.041″ diameter, this product is perfect for your next rebar forming job or any other purpose for which you need a reliable closure.

19GA Soft Steel Tie Wire

One of the first things you will notice about the 19ga wire is how soft the steel is. It’s unlike wire intended for other purposes in that you can immediately tell it was designed to wrap around rebar and hold it secure. This type of steel is much more expensive to manufacture than standard purpose wire and for good reason, it’s much purer and will outlast the competition by many years. Our steel is considered a premium grade and experienced ironworkers will immediately recognizer the superior quality versus the products sold in “big box” stores.