fruits tied with wire

Tying Up Garden Plants, Vines, and Vegetables

If you’re planting a garden with species of plants that need to be tied to stakes or trellis, rebar wire ties are a great choice for getting the job done easily. As opposed to hobby wire, wire ties come pre-cut in a bag and are ready to twist around your plants. You can affix vines, vegetables, young trees, and more with just a few wire ties. One bag will last you a lifetime!

Types of Wire Used for Gardening and Vegetable Farming

While just about any type of wire tie will work, gardeners and farmers looking for longevity will often find the small cost of upgraded material to be worthwhile. The best options are either PVC/plastic-coated or stainless steel. These wire ties are made to stand up to the elements and prevent rust from appearing against your vegetation.

grape plants ties to a pergola with stainless steel wire ties

Plastic-Coated (PVC) Wire Ties for Gardens and Farms

Coated in a thin layer of PVC, these ties are protected from the elements with the same material used in water pipes, drain pipes, and irrigation systems. They will outlive your plants!

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Stainless Steel Wire Ties for Gardens and Farms

If you live in a coastal environment, stainless steel is often a better choice because of the metallurgic qualities. It will resist the corrosive elements of salt air, rain water, and long hours of sun exposure.

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Using Wire Ties on Your Farm or Garden

Made of soft steel, these ties are easy to use. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands, but you’ll quickly notice that the ties are easy to wrap around your plant regardless of gauge. If you are working with a softer plant like tomato, cucumber, or pumpkin, feel free to form a nice tight connection with your trellis. For bark-covered vines like grape plants, a slightly looser connection is typically wise. Those species are less forgiving of spatial restrictions and tend to grow overtop of the wire, making it difficult to remove later on if your trellis wears out and needs to be replaced.

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