14-Gauge Galvanized Double Loop Wire Ties


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Product Description
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.08 inches
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Metric): 2.032 mm

Galvanized Wire Ties: 14GA

Our 14-gauge galvanized double loop wire ties are sold by the bag, available in a variety of lengths from 5″ to 24″. Each bag contains 2000, 2500 or 5000 galvanized double loop wire ties depending on the length selected. Longer sizes are broken down into smaller quantities to keep shipping weight to a minimum. See quantity numbers when selecting your tie length above.

14G Galvanized Wire Ties

These galvanized wire ties are fourteen gauge, which equates to 0.08″ thick. Fourteen gauge is known for its high strength and slightly increased rigidness versus a standard sixteen gauge wire tie. They are made of soft steel and are still quite easy to bend by hand.

Soft Steel Wire with a Zinc Coating

What makes this material “galvanized” is a layer of zinc that is applied during the manufacturing process. That coating is designed to take the beating of harsh environmental factors and allow the interior steel to remain strong. Even when this galvanized wire starts to look like it’s aging, that is the zinc coating doing its job. Galvanization is an industry standard process and know to be second only to stainless steel. Galvanized wire has nearly the same durability in most conditions and comes at a much more attractive pricepoint.

Buying 14-Gauge Wire Ties Online

Place your order using our shopping cart and enjoy the convenience of to-your-door shipping. If your wire tie order exceeds UPS standard shipping limitations, select the “Freight Quote” option at checkout. Our team will contact you with a freight estimate and refund you the difference if your online quote was too high. We keep 14-gauge galvanized in stock during most times of the year and typically deliver to your home or jobsite within a two week turnaround.

Galvanized Wire Ties

When you receive your wire ties you will notice that they all appear identical. Our galvanization process is closely monitored and delivers a consistent product every time. We take great care to ensure that the loop ties you buy today will match the package you bought years ago and the restock you’ll buy a few months from now. We know our customers rely on our products for their most important jobs and we take that seriously! Whether you are typing rebar, plants, or packages, we are committed to providing the highest quality galvanized products available on the market.