rebar tie wire vs wire ties

What is the difference between tie wire and wire ties?

To concrete professionals, the terms “wire ties” and “tie wire” roll off the tongue and are well understood. To hobbyists and DIYers however, the similar-sounding terms can be confusing. Be sure to understand the difference before making your purchase! Depending on the intended application, your decision should be easy to make once you start to associate the terminology with the products:

Rebar Tie Wire is sold in rolls or “coils” and arrives at your facility as one long piece of wire. It is the job of the installer to cut it down for their purposes. If you weren’t familiar with rebar forming, you wouldn’t notice any difference between tie wire and any other type of bulk wire you might have seen in someone’s garage or the aisle of your local hardware store.

Wire Ties are pre-cut sections of wire with a loop on each end, which is how they get names like “loop ties” or “double loop wire ties.” Some rodbusters (concrete forming professionals) will also refer to them as “cable ties.”

Examples of Rebar Tie Wire

The items below are a few of our most popular tie wire products, each being available in multiple sizes. Click through to see length estimates of each coil size:

Examples of Rebar Wire Ties

These ties are bestsellers and often purchased by individuals who want to use them as a closure for bagging or fastening something other than rebar: